Past/Retired Samoyed Mothers:
Rejoice        Ice        Cookie       Fourteen        Twitter        Glow        Dream        Morning
Snow Angel
        Rita        Charity        Bethy
Northern Glories' Maggie
(Great Is The Name Of Jesus Our Lord)
Northern Glories' Jadis
(Jesus Is Our Savior And Lord)
Northern Glories' Elsa
(Love One Another As God Loves Us)
Northern Glories' Skye
(Our Sins Are Forgiven Through Jesus)
Northern Glories' Misty Mountains
(Mountains Show The Splendor Of God)
Northern Glories' Alits
(To Jesus Alone Be Glory And Honor)
Vet Scale weight: 43 lbs.
Both of Frostine's parents are OFA certified for hips, elbows, and eyes.
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Northern Glories' Clary
(Awesome Is Our Savior Jesus Christ)